About us

In accordance with more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacture, In accordance with the excelsior spirit of manufacture, and gathering the talent team in the industry, we continue to forge ahead in the field of equipment manufacturing industry.

Based on the idea of “Integrity, refining, service, innovation and enterprise” and the continuous support from a large number of customers, we constantly improve ourselves. Refined and innovative ideas make us improve to manufacture high-quality equipment to meet customers; the spirit of honesty and good service make us create a good reputation in the industry.

However, in this reforming city, we know that we cannot drifting with the current. By cooperation with the world famous suppliers such as: ITW, NORDSON, WAGNER, HENKEL, CHEMETALL, AKZO, PPG, TIGER, ABB and others, we continue to improve and strive to walk in the forefront of the times.

We aspire to provide refined, appropriate, and advanced equipment, and aspire to provide fast and complete service. Our design, manufacture, and service team wish to benefit for the development of your business. We are willing to develop and create with you!